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 industry issue presentations and socials...

NCEL Gets You..... Started / Better / Connected!

NCEL Trade Talks are a great way for members to participate together, make stronger industry connections, and learn the latest trends and addressing current issues facing the business side of our Electrical Industry.  These "issue focused" presentations followed by networking socials explore topics that affect your bottom-line, and help your business grow!

NCEL Trade Talks get you STARTED by forging new business opportunities, expands and creates a BETTER industry peer network, and gets you CONNECTED to other industry leaders!


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March 14, 2019 ~ May 23, 2019 ~ November 14, 2019


Suggest an NCEL Trade Talks topic to NCEL Staff

  • Trade Talks on 5-24-19:
  • Trade Talks on 3-14-19:
  • Social #30 on 3-15-18:  31 people attended a presentation on "Navigating the #MeToo Movement in your Workplace"
  • Breakfast #29 on 11-1-17:  30 people attended a presentation on "Crystalline Silica OSHA Rules Overview"
  • Breakfast #28 on 2-7-17:  42 people attended a presentation on "Engineering Microgrids - Impacting Society"
  • Breakfast #27 on 11-3-16:  36 people attended a presentation on "Stopping Potential Fraudsters"
  • Breakfast #26 on 5-12-16:  71 people attended a presentation on "Xcel Energy's Municipal LED Street Lighting"
  • Breakfast #25 on 2-11-16:  75 people attended a private electrical "Tour of U.S. Bank Stadium"
  • Breakfast #25 on 11-13-15:  49 people attended "Acquiring New Talent & Recruiting" presented by GradStaff Career Matchmakers, Versique Search & Consulting, and BirdDog HR.
  • Breakfast #24 on 8-6-15:  40 people attended "Creating an Effective Internship Program and Being a Mentor" presented by Renee Snyder of Xcel Energy and Industry Panelists.
  • Breakfast #23 on 5-13-15:  53 people attended "Met Council's Thrive MSP 2040 Vision Plan" presented by Libby Starling of The Metropolitan Council.
  • Breakfast #22 on 2-12-15:  45 people attended "Social Media B2B Strategy & Data Recovery" presented by John Riordan, Dayta Marketing & Cliff Robbins, Cohlab Digital Marketing.
  • Breakfast #21 on 8-7-14:  61 people attended "Sparking an Electrical Industry Career" presented by younger staff at Xcel Energy, Border States, Parsons Electric & Electrotech.
  • Breakfast #20 on 6-5-14:  112 people attended "Vikings Stadium Construction Update" presented by the M.A. Mortenson Construction and Build 21 (Gephart/Parsons Electric).
  • Breakfast #19 on 3-21-14:  56 people attended "Construction Markets Update" presented by the Minnesota Builders Association, Perkins+Will, and the Metropolitan Council.
  • Breakfast #18 on 11-13-13:  58 people attended "Power Supply Resource Planning" presented by Xcel Energy, Allete-Minnesota Power, Great River Energy, and Otter Tail Power.
  • Breakfast #17 on 8-7-13:  72 people attended "Working with the Metropolitan Airports Commission" presented by the MAC's Gary Warren and Kruas-Anderson's Bob Carter.
  • Breakfast #16 on 3-14-13:  65 people attended "Workforce Issues & Solutions - Skills Gap Issues" presented by MN-DEED, Dunwoody, NDSCS, and Dakota Technical College.
  • Breakfast #15 on 11-15-2012:  93 people attended "Burning Issue in North Dakota"  Presented by the ND Petroleum Council, MDU Resources, and North Dakota Commerce Dept. 
  • Breakfast #14 on 8-9-2012:  53 people attended "State of Electric Power"  Presented by Xcel Energy, Great River Energy, Otter Tail Power and Allete-Minnesota Power.
  • Breakfast #13 on 5-10-2012:  55 people attended "Economic Snapshot of our Industry"  Presented by MN-Dept. of Economic Devel., Federal Reserve Bank & Wells Fargo.
  • Breakfast #12 on 11-10-2011:  65 people attended "Small Wind Generation"  Presented by Milbank PowerGen & MN Department of Commerce Division of Energy.
  • Breakfast #11 on 9-1-2011:  66 people attended "Promoting Energy Management Systems - Panel Discussion"  Presented by Honeywell, Target Corp., and EnergyPrint.
  • Breakfast #10 on 7-14-2011:  100 people attended "Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - Panel Discussion"  Presented by Leviton, GE, City of St. Paul and Xcel Energy.
  • Breakfast #9 on 3-17-2011:  84 people attended "Renewable Energy Sources - Panel Discussion"  Presented by MN Solar Energy Assn.,  Mortenson Construction, and VerdeNero LLC.
  • Breakfast #8 on 1-13-2011:  87 people attended "BIM Integration - Panel Discussion"  Presented by Target, Gausman & Moore, Acuity, and Hunt Electric.
  • Breakfast #7 on 11-9-2010:  135 people attended "LED Lighting - Panel Discussion"  Presented by Cree, Cooper, Lithonia, GE & Philips.
  • Breakfast #6 on 11-12-2009:  67 people attended "Positive Change or Die"  Presented by Dr. David Metzen, Metzen Leadership Group.
  • Breakfast #5 on 6-4-2009:  82 people attended "Wind-To-Battery"  Presented by Xcel Energy.
  • Breakfast #4 on 2-24-2009:  91 people attended "Smart Grid - Utility of the Future"  Presented by Xcel Energy.
  • Breakfast #3 on 6-19-2008:  74 people attended "LEED Certification -- What's The Score?"  Presented by Great River Energy, Dunham Associates; and Gausman & Moore.
  • Breakfast #2 on 11-15-2007:  62 people attended "Minnesota Construction & Economic Update"  Presented by Kyle Uphoff, MN Department of Economic Development.
  • Breakfast #1 on 6-27-2007:   49 people attended "Liability of Counterfeit Electrical Products"  Presented by Steve Litchfield, Square D/Schneider Electric.

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