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NCEL Website FAQ

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Use this list of frequently asked questions to assist you with your navigation and usage of the NCEL website. If you have questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact NCEL for assistance.



How can I register for an event from the Activities > Event Calendar? 

If you are a NCEL member, and you log on as a member (use the forgot password link if you are not logged on as a member -- if you are not in our database, and cannot log on as a member, you must contact NCEL staff to be added to the database so you are able to log on as a member).  After logging on as a member, proceed to the Event Calendar, select the event, and you should be able to register for any event, member pricing will be applied to your fee, and you should pay for the event with a credit card when you register and click the process my payment button.  An email receipt will immediately be sent to you for your records. 



How can I access the private membership areas of the website?

The website contains private areas for members only, such as an online, searchable directory. You must be a member to access these areas. If you are a member, you can log in using the Login box to the right. If you are not a member, apply for membership today!



How can I search for something in the membership directory when I do not know the complete name to search for?

The search engine allows for using a wildcard (*) in place of unknown values. For example, if I wanted to search for a member named "Bill Wyskowski", but I cannot remember how to spell Bill's last name, I can enter "Wys*" as my search value and I will find all names that start with "Wys".

How can I narrow down the results of a search?

When searching, you can narrow down the search results to view only company listings, people, or product lines by using the options located below the search box.



I updated my membership profile but am unable to search for my profile in the directory using the new values.

The searchable membership directory uses a search index that allows for fast searches that can return the results to you instantaneously. This search index automatically rebuilds itself at the top of each hour. New values entered in your profile cannot be used in a search to locate your profile until the search index rebuilds.

Why are events that I have previously attended not listed on my Activity page?

Prior to April 2005 NCEL was not tracking event attendance for members that registered for events. With the new system and website launch, event registration is now tracked so any new events from April 2005 going forward should be listed. If you have attended an event since then and do not see it, feel free to contact NCEL to notify us of what is missing.

I have logged in as a member and am trying to search for products but I get nothing back, what has happened?

This problem is temporary.  If you are logged in as a member and are unable to access information on your Members Only directory searches, our database and index of information is most likely going under routine maintenance and is temporarily off line.  If after a few minutes you have the same issue, please call the NCEL to verify the problem.


If you are experiencing problems, you can always contact the NCEL.

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