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 NCEL helps members' kids with college tuition...

NCEL Gets You..... Started / Better / Connected!

NCEL annually rewards students studying for an undergraduate degree.  Members' children who qualify are eligible for a NCEL Scholarship, provided their parent works at an NCEL member company, and the student meets basic scholastic criteria.

NCEL has awarded $489,000 in scholarships to 363 students since 1994!

NCEL's Scholarship Program is initiated on behalf of our members to:

  • promote NCEL and our members as leaders in community stewardship,
  • encourage NCEL membership among our Upper Midwest Electrical Industry,
  • provide a valuable and direct financial benefit to our membership, and
  • encourage advanced education career paths to those meeting basic scholastic criteria.

NCEL Scholarship application and selection process:

  • NCEL has authorized $30,000 (20 winners @ $1,500 each) for 2018.
  • See the current year application for the official application criteria.
  • NCEL membership dues must be paid by your company, in your appropriate NCEL membership division, before your scholarship application is accepted.
  • NCEL provides at least one application to each NCEL member company for dissemination.
    • Each company is to distribute or post copies of this application for all employees in your firm. 
    • All employees' dependent children at any NCEL member company (in our Upper Midwest service territory - MN, ND, SD & Western WI) are eligible. 
    • Only one application per student is required, with no limit on applications per family.
  • Applicant to gather all appropriate attachments to complete their scholarship application.
  • Remit completed scholarship application and all required attachments to NCEL before June 30.
  • Incomplete applications submitted will not be accepted -- no exceptions!
  • Each application will be sorted according to the parents primary NCEL membership division.
  • NCEL Board representatives will draw one winner from each of the six major NCEL membership divisions. Those not winning from their division will be put into another random at-large drawing with other division non-winners. From this drawing, additional scholarships will be randomly selected. 
  • Winner(s) will be selected via random drawing of qualified applicants to eliminate any bias. The random scholarship drawing will take place at an NCEL event in July. All applicants and parents will be notified of the results shortly after the drawing by email and posting of winners on our website. Scholarship checks are made payable to the school, in the winners’ name, and mailed to the company address of the member parent as indicated on their kids' application form. Scholarship checks will be mailed before the end of August, and must be cashed by year-end.

If you have questions regarding the NCEL Scholarship Program, contact the NCEL at 952-854-4405 or email NCEL staff.

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