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 about our engineering society...

North Central Electrical Engineering Society - NCEES

NCEL Gets You..... Started / Better / Connected!

NCEES Mission:  Since 1977, NCEES has operated as a educational organization dedicated to the advancement of the art of electrical construction design and the associated application of electrical systems and equipment. NCEES is an affiliate association of NCEL.

NCEES Membership:  Engineering Society membership is available to any individual who are primarily involved in design, engineering or application of electrical systems, or technical sales and support -- provided their company is a corporate member of their respective NCEL membership division. NCEES membership is held in the individual's name.

NCEES Meetings:  NCEES members meet from September through May, typically on the second or third Tuesday of each month. Late afternoon meetings (4:30 to 6:30 PM) offer a technical electrical presentation on subject matter timely to the electrical engineering community. A catered meal is provided at each meeting.

NCEES Meeting Topics: Lighting Control Technologies, Generators, Grounding & Bonding, Solar/PV Design, Ethics in Engineering, Elevators, LED Technologies, Energy Code Updates, NEC Code Updates and a tour of the new University of Minnesota Main Energy Plant.

NCEES Management:  All activities of the Engineering Society are managed by NCEL staff.

NCEES Dues:  In 2018, NCEES annual membership dues is $125 per person -- provided your company is a corporate member of an NCEL membership division. Guests are welcome at NCEES events for a fee. 

NCEL members can join NCEES via Your Profile after you Login under the Members Area tab above and to the right.

Download an NCEES Membership Application Form Here

 NCEES Board of Advisors:

(Pictured Left to Right: Andy Giefer, Kelly Artz, Gene Osterberg, Brian Binkley, Jason Ritchie)

      • President:  Brian Binkley, PE, Gephart Electric
      • Vice President:  Kelly Artz, PE RCDD, LEED® AP BD+C, Emanuelson-Podas, Inc.
      • Secretary: Kim St. Marie, North Central Electrical League
      • Treasurer:  Andy Giefer, PE, Hunt Electric Corporation
      • Past President:  Robert Heiller, PE, LEED® AP, CxA, Burns & McDonnell
        • Director: Jason Ritchie, PE, LEED® AP, Bloomington Electric Co.
        • Director:  Gene Osterberg, LC, CSP, Rouzer Group, Inc.

NCEES Past Presidents (1977 to current):

  • George Ellison 1977-78
  • Ronald Wilmar 1978-79
  • Victor E. Mikulich 1979-80
  • Angelo LaScala 1980-81
  • Robert Hardy 1981-82
  • John Kirchner 1982-83
  • Andrew Erdmann 1983-84
  • William Carpenter 1984-85
  • Wally Sharp 1985-86
  • James Penkivech 1986-87
  • Mark Seaburg 1987-88
  • Steve Nelson 1988-89
  • Jon Fuerstneau 1989-90
  • Gayland Bender 1990-91
  • Cheryl Penkivech 1991-92
  • John St. Pierre 1992-93
  • Chuck Barlow 1993-94
  • Chuck Speier 1994-95
  • Lane Hersey 1995-96
  • Bruce Resman 1996-97
  • William Sutherland 1997-98
  • Bill Thiesse 1998-99
  • Patricia Hunt 1999-00
  • Robert Witte 2000-01
  • Jim Sabby 2001-02
  • Edward Studniski 2002-03
  • Helen Peterson 2003-04
  • Mark Svenkeson 2004-05
  • David Hierseman 2005-06
  • Gerald Chartrand 2006-07
  • Jim Riess 2007-08
  • Lucia Anderson 2008-09
  • Steven Youngs 2009-10
  • Rick Kluzak 2010-11
  • Randall Jacobs 2011-12
  • Brian Rice 2012-13
  • Gregg Nelson 2013-14
  • Dave Hove 2014-15
  • Paul Fettinger 2015-16
  • Robert Heiller 2016-17
  • Brian Binkley 2017-18

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