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Membership Benefits

NCEL Gets You..... Started / Better / Connected!


All NCEL members receive and have access to the following benefits: 

Online and Printed Membership Directory & Buyer's Guide: This guide will provide all the contacts and resources you need to know to excel in our electrical industry.  Whether it’s connecting with contractors, engineers, manufacturers, distributors, utility, or other industry personnel; we have you covered. Extensive electrical products searches, direct email links to other members, and corporate descriptions keep you connected and provide you with tools to succeed. Non-Members can submit an order form – click here.

Affiliate Groups: NCEL offers two Affiliate Groups (NCEMC & NCEES) available to individuals who are employed full time with NCEL member firms, and are desiring a deeper focus to their specific job discipline:


·   NCEMC:  North Central Electrical Manufacturers Club:  NCEL Manufacturer Division sales reps and agents can join our NCEMC (for an additional dues fee) as an individual to build deeper peer networks, get more benefits, and improve the status of the electrical sales profession in our service territory.


·   NCEES:  North Central Electrical Engineering Society: NCEL Engineer & Architect Division personnel can join NCEES (for an additional dues fee) as an individual to obtain specific training and PDH on technical electrical and engineering/design topics.

Training: The NCEL's Training program is committed the belief that education is a critical key to success and career advancement in our industry.  NCEL educates for knowledge and professional development, creating a better and safer use of energy, and helping NCEL members get better.


Trade Talks: NCEL's Trade Talks are a great way to learn the latest trends, technologies, and current issues facing the business side of our industry.  These "issue focused" presentations explore topics that affect your businesses bottom-line and help your business grow, with networking socials following.


Social & Charity Events: The best way to build your peer connections is to attend our major annual social events. Join us at the following annual events:

·   Electrical Industry Charity Golf Classic

·   NCEL Summer Social

·   NCEL Charity Sporting Clay Shoot Out


Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO: The Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO is known as "the best regional electrical trade show in North America" and attracts all segments of the electrical industry. Over 10,000 industry personnel participate in our biennial event. Mark your calendar for our next Electrical EXPO – April 15 & 16, 2020.     


NCELpluggedIN Young Professional’s: NCELpluggedIN networking socials are a great way for young NCEL member professionals to make stronger industry connections, learn about the electrical business, and start a peer network with others starting their careers in our electrical industry. 


Scholarships: NCEL annually rewards students studying for an undergraduate degree.  Members' children who qualify are eligible to participate in a random drawing for NCEL Scholarships.


Internships: NCEL annually rewards interns studying for a career in our electrical industry. Interns who qualify are eligible to be in a random drawing for an education bonus upon completion of their internship at a member company.


Jobs & Resume Service: NCEL posts jobs available at member firms on our website.  We also post resumes of those seeking jobs in our industry. Our website gets over 450 hits per business day.  NCEL connects members with those desiring and pursuing an industry career.


Community & Charity: NCEL strives to give back to the community by contributing to local and national charity organizations. Since 1987, NCEL has donated over $1.6 Million dollars to charity.


NCEL E-News: Stay up-to-date on electrical industry activity and news through weekly E-news emails. These regular member electronic communications provide members with upcoming event information, industry news, and registration links to get started / better / connected!  


NCEL Social Media: Connect with NCEL and with other members on our social media platforms and use us to engage other industry members. You can find us on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, FlickR, and YouTube pages.

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